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XPORTER NEO’s basic concept, “Less is More”, derived from a famous slogan by Mies van der Rohe.


At first, "XPORTER" started as a sport holder for iPhone. Together with the strap, the panel fits the back of the iPhone perfectly. Unlike other iPhone cases out in the market, “XPORTER” was designed specially for iPhone, thus as a result, it was not able to use with other smartphones.


As we started planning for the NEO model, we attempted to redesign “XPORTER” with the aim of minimalist design while maintaining the basic functionality to get rid of the unnecessary elements. We focused on the most primitive function of all, the strap, which plays an important role to hold the smart device firmly. The shape of the panel got reduced down and as the result, a cute but futuristic form was developed.


You might wonder how this unique panel works or can be used when you see it. But guess what! With this result of “Less”, “More” values has been created.


※ Please see the next section.




「XPORTER NEO」の基本コンセプトはミース・ファン・デル・ローエの提唱する有名なスローガン"Less is More"です。










Universality 1




What was the value of "More" that we have got after we redesign "XPORTER" with the focus on "Less"?


We concentrated on the strap which provides the basic function by holding device firmly with the panel. Parts other than the strap were being eliminated to its extreme. By doing so, the overall design got released from the shape of the smart device, and at the same time, its versatility got expanded.

Not just the standard iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 plus with 5.5 inch screen, Xperia (Sony Ericson) and Galaxy (Samsung) etc, no matter what brand your smartphone is, “XPORTER NEO” is compatible with all kinds of sizes.


Moreover, “XPORTER NEO” is not only limited to exercise occasions with your smartphone, but it can also be use with iPad mini, iPad Air and other types of tablets to be able to use in various locations such as education and/or business field. There is no doubt that “XPORTER NEO” definitely has a wide range of possibilities.


In addition, every year new mobile models get announce, and as the result, many used mobile accessories end up being thrown away. But with ‘XPORTER NEO’ you do not need to follow this trend any more. It will serve you as your “Life Pal” that allows you to continue to use it as long as you like.


We are able to say it out loud with confidence that “XPORTER NEO” has functions which fit a great deal of occasions! That’s right, in short, “XPORTER NEO” is universality! 






ストラップで端末を保持するという基本機能に焦点を当て余分な部分を取り除くことで、対象の端末形状の束縛から解放され汎用性が一気に広がりました。標準モデルのiPhone 6のみならず5.5inch画面のiPhone 6 plusをはじめXperia(Sony Ericson)やGalaxy(Samsung)などメーカーの違いや機種ごとのデザイン・大きさに依存せず広範囲の端末に対応することができます。


そして、それ以上にこれらのMobile端末を利用するスポーツ・シーンのみならず、教育分野やビジネスなどさまざまな場面で活用が広がっているiPad mini、iPad Airやそれ以外の多くのTabletにも利用可能となり、その汎用性は無限大とも言えます。


また、Mobile分野では毎年各端末のモデルチェンジが行われ、それらの周辺アクセサリーはその都度使い捨てにされてきましたが、「XPORTER NEO」はこれらのモデルチェンジに追随する必要がなく愛着を持って"Life Pal"として永く使い続けることができます。



そう、「XPORTER NEO」は普遍性を手に入れたのです。





Universality 2
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