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With the trend for high awareness of health issues, number of people who enjoy outdoor sports have increased.

The high degree of linkage between iPhone apps and sport activities, such as apps for training result management, heart rate monitor for health data management and route tracker using GPS function, users of such apps have also increased.

Now, iPhone becomes a tool that is inseparable from sport activities.

“XPORTER” can gives such iPhone extra mobility and further enhance affinity for sports scenes.


The keyword for “XPORTER” is “Crossbody style”.
By carrying the iPhone across your body with body strap, it can fit to your body perfectly. Unlike traditional armband or waist pouch, it would not slip while running, bounces around your hip causing distraction, or needing to be taking out every time you want to operate your iPhone.

This removes all such inconveniences, and provides perfect fit for active sport scenes such as running, cycling or trekking.







iPhone本体をボディ・ストラップで斜め掛けすることで体にぴったりとフィットするように身にまとうことができます。 従来からあるアームバンドやウェストポーチのように、走っているうちにずり下がってきたり、腰周りで揺れて気になる、あるいは操作の度にiPhoneを取り出す必要があるなどの不便さを解消し、ランニングをはじめサイクリングやトレッキングなどアクティブなスポーツ・シーンに最適な装着感を提供します。



Produced by FROMWEST INC.

Design direction by KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN




Trademark registered - Japan

Design registration registerd - Japan / EU / USA









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